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WCP innovated with one of the first carbon neutral ready-mix concrete solutions available in the local market. With our partners at Solid Carbon, the commitment to carbon neutrality innovation was based on adherence to rigorous industry standards and validated by industry leading 3rd parties.


Our reductions, measurement and offset approach relied on the use of both environmental product declarations and carbon offsets where emissions are unavoidable.

Environmental Product Declarations

Our path to carbon neutrality began with the publication of ASTM certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs). Our EPDs were developed by the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute with third party verification by ASTM International. The concrete EPDs conformed to product category rules outlined in ISO 21930:2017.

A New Future

Concrete is essential. It protects us from wildfires, severe storms and earthquakes. It builds durable roads, underpins windmills, and conveys clean drinking water.

Concrete is already an important tool for climate change adaptation. However, concrete can only actively combat the climate crisis once its own pollution problem is neutralized.


WCP has offered the first locally available product to achieve this goal while building a future that is strong, resilient, and sustainable.

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