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Concrete Blocks

When you think of Concrete Blocks in the Willamette Valley, you first think of Wilsonville Concrete Products. As the leader in the industry, WCP offers you a solution to your Concrete Block needs.


WCP Offers Exceptional Quality Concrete Blocks

At WCP, we put great care into concrete block production. We proactively make concrete blocks daily focusing on delivering clean, straight edges that will give the desired professional look. Our concrete blocks are sustainable—made from 100% high-quality recycled WCP concrete—and are poured, finished, and loaded by the WCP team. The 3,000 – 4,000 psi rating our blocks maintain means long-lasting durability.


WCP Offers a Variety of Sized Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks come in many shapes and sizes. WCP offers its valued customers 3 different sized blocks to fit their needs, from the standard concrete block (2’x2’x6’) to smaller concrete blocks (2’x2’x5’) & (2’x2’x3’). Call our concrete block yard staff on available sizes today.


Inventory Can Vary

Concrete blocks are made of recycled and leftover concrete, and blocks are sold on a 1st come 1st sold basis. WCP representatives can give you more insight to inventory at specific locations (Wilsonville or Salem) near you so contact us today!



Also known as Ecology Blocks (Eco-Blocks) or Environmental Blocks (Enviro-Blocks), WCP’s concrete blocks are made with 100% returned or leftover concrete in our Mixer Trucks from job sites throughout the Willamette Valley. Pouring this concrete into concrete blocks saves time, and more importantly diesel fuel and electricity by not having to crush and haul off the returned concrete for disposal.


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