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If you are qualified for one of the available positions, please use our online application form and attach your resume for consideration.

MISSION: Our Purpose
We exist to be the preferred provider and workplace for safe and professional tugboat solutions. We aspire to be humble servant leaders who prioritize the safety and success of our crew and customers before what is conventional, comfortable, or easy. We exercise deliberative judgement and practice extreme ownership to achieve a reputation that honors our legacy while securing our longevity for future generations.


SAFETY: The First Priority
Protecting your safety and the safety of everyone around you is the most essential job duty of every WCP employee. You have the right and obligation to stop work at any time if unsafe conditions exist and have the duty to immediately report unsafe conditions or injuries. Following company safety procedures laid out in the company safety handbook, marine division safety standards, USCG regulations and the employee handbook are requirements of every WCP position.


SERVICE: A Winning Professional Team
It is an essential job duty of every WCP team member to be a service-oriented and professional team-player. Our standards and policies around these values are elaborated in the employee handbook. These values mean that your contribution is not limited to the assigned responsibilities in this job description and that we expect you to perform other duties as assigned to serve our customers how, where and when necessary.

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