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Leaders in Concrete

Our mission is to get your job done right. 

We are a leading provider of ready-mix concrete and aggregates in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. We have been providing products and services for homes, commercial and public buildings, roads and bridges and more for more than 64 years. Our employees are experts in manufacturing concrete mixtures and in mining aggregates. 

A vibrant heritage of shared values is our foundation, as
we build into the future.


Wilsonville Concrete Products and our legacy family-run affiliates have served our Oregon community for over 130 years.


Throughout five generations, we have delivered fresh cut logs that fed Oregon’s early lumber mills, we have delivered juvenile salmon to fisheries charged with repopulating local rivers, and we have delivered the finished materials that built local roads and bridges, and we even delivered Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose to the Evergreen Aviation Museum.


Most importantly, our team, family and affiliates have shared a commitment to deliver exceptional service to our customers. 

Our Heritage

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